Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Filthy to Fifteen

Last night, was indeed a special night. I cried like a 7 year-old. The thing is, I wasn't being tragic, nor surrounded by any fear-based sorrows anymore. I felt alive, with all my teenage memories refreshed. Re-birthing is the word.

A ray of light comes through the small leakage of my soul, with pains and sorrows flowing out like nobody's business. It was magical. I was pulled 7 years backwards, to the finest moment of my life before twenties-where love at first sight is possible and the best thing that could happen to me is still being anticipated, the simple and lovable fifteen.

My old self and my old will to live was still there-awaiting green lights to take over my boring unloved life with occasional suicidal thoughts. Then I asked myself, what if I let this young innocent soul without any sense of social expectations to help me decide my future?

Well, everyone dislikes changes, no matter they admit it or not. We have always been a devoted fan of traditions, but being a deviant now, doesn't really make my life any easier. Therefore, if the change is for a better good, why not?

Let me forgo this poor unfortunate soul who winds day and night on how unfair the world has treated him, and replace it with a familiar face-the fifteen-year-old ME. I guess he will ROCK the world! Just like he always did.

"Ready, Set, Go!"

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