Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Philosophy of Travel

Time is running out. Rather than settling down in a routine, I decided to shake myself up. Travelling has always been my passion and no one knew this better than my parents who have to tolerate with my endless yearnings over the years. I am starving for a journey to a foreign world again. The urge to getaway from my deadening lifestyle in Leeds is circling in my head every single day, I swear I could feel it in my veins. So I packed and left, for Venice, Basle, Zurich and Edinburgh.

It takes a lot more than a form of motion to satisfy the definition of travelling. From the UK to Switzerland or from Italy to France, or any kind of "here to there" is a never-ending competition between our expectations and reality. Places like Venice and Rome are filled with ravishing imaginations, streets and buildings romaticized by movies and stories we're told by lucky fellows who couldn't stop bragging about their splendid encounters. No wonder our hopes are high. Since there's a chance that I'd never come back to this place anymore, I ought to explore this piece of land thoroughly and bring back as much as I could. Souvenirs and Pictures; Inspiration and Revelation, I am prepared to grab a ton back.

Stunning scenes, Lucious local food and Cheap Souvenirs are warm reminders that the trip is worthwhile. But there's a tiny voice in my head keep on pushing me to ask for more. The Best Spiritual Journey of Personal Discovery Ever!-That's what I was aiming for as I planned my itenary. Isn't it ironic? I wished for a spontaneuos miraculous discovery so much but still I'm stucked with my controlling nature and the lack of courage to risk getting lost, ended up with the reliance on a Lonely Planet guidebook.

As eager as children for the trip to begin before I step foot on the land of Italy, I surprisingly found myself standing in front of an old Historical Cathedral, feeling exactly, Nothing. It's a kind of unexciting but calm emotion with a slight contentment of a regular Saturday morning, with no sense of novelty at all. I was devastated.

It happens, no? We dreamt of Graduation, Being chosen to become the employee of the most prestigious company in town, Get Married or even Becoming a parent; we bore ourselves with the repetition of these phrases in our diary and in random converstion, thinking that the more we talk about it, the closer we get in acheiving it. When we finally got there, all we have is just the proof of "being there". If life is just merely a dull state of oneself, what is worth living for beside some petty personal feelings that no one care except ourselves?

Then it dawned on me. It doesn't matter where you go, it matters who you are with. I was somewhere else, without you; but I'm now here, with you, and my life just got a little better. We meet new people to create our better days ahead, and we treasure our old friends because they are our personal travel companion. Most importantly, we take our family everywhere we go because they live in us.

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